A Pop Of Color On Neutral Bed Linen

Submitted by: Alyssa Davis

Color is the best expression of personality in a room, and your individual sense of style is best represented in the colors that you choose for your personal and private space. Neutrals are a great choice for bed linens, because they coordinate with such a wide variety of color palettes and design styles. However, you may prefer to add a pop of color on neutral bed linen designs, so that you have that wow factor in the room but don’t overwhelm the space in a lot of pattern.

Throw pillows are a great option, and provide an easy way to change up the look of the room without spending a lot of money. Accessories are often far cheaper than furniture options, and you can easily make minor changes to the room’s d cor without spending a fortune on contemporary or antique furniture changes. A simple throw pillow can come in many different sizes and shapes, and the colors and pattern choices are endless. It depends solely on your sense of style and what look you are hoping to achieve.


You can be very creative when you design a headboard, and it is not difficult or costly to paint an interesting and unique design on the headboard for a splash of color. Add a great pop of color to neutral bed linens by painting basic shapes, colors, patterns, or prints on the headboard. You can choose padded headboard designs if you want a simple and more subtle color addition, but a great mural is a wonderful option if you want to add a retro look in your bedroom. An inspirational quote or slogan on or above the headboard is a similar option, and it can make a big difference in the look of the room.

Create a focal point directly above the headboard to add a pop of color to the room without overwhelming the bed in colors. A great focal point, such as artwork, a mural, a tapestry, or a wall hanging can add just what the room needs if it primarily decorated in neutral shades. Choose something that is colorful and interesting, so as to draw the visitor’s attention away from the neutrals and toward the focal point. This is also a great way to draw attention to the bed itself, which can help set the mood for a romantic atmosphere, especially if your focal point involves candles and candle sconces.

If you have a footboard or similar furniture piece at the foot of the bed, add a throw blanket with vibrant shades as a decorative accent. You can utilize this blanket when you have guests or just want to nap or read without mussing the bed linens, but it adds a pop of color to the bed linens without overwhelming the room in the bright, energetic shades. This is a great option in a guest bedroom, and be sure that the throw blanket is good quality, comfortable, and clean for maximum results. You can also use this as a pop of color in a teenager’s room if the color palette is neutral.

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