Abogados In Phoenix Can Help Mothers Recover After Birth Injuries

byAlma Abell

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, but many things can go wrong before the child is born – and a significant number of these injuries are the result of medical malpractice. This type of situation occurs when a doctor makes a mistake beyond what the average, competent physician would do in the same circumstances. In some areas, mothers can recover for emotional distress due to a stillbirth or miscarriage. Here, you can learn what to expect from a doctor during your pregnancy.

The First Trimester

During the first three months of pregnancy, doctors are supposed to check your medical history, identifying risk factors such as diabetes, previous miscarriages, STDs, alcohol and drug use and hereditary diseases. It is the doctor’s job to assess these risks and take the appropriate precautions. For instance, doctors must recommend that women take prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, which assists in spinal cord and brain development. Failure to do so can cause birth defects, leading to a possible malpractice suit.


The Second Trimester

Early in this phase, the gynecologist is responsible for ultrasound testing, determining the baby’s growth rate and checking its organs and extremities. If there are defects at birth that should have been noticed sooner, parents and Abogados Phoenix may be able to bring a malpractice case against the doctor.

The Third Trimester

During the final three months of pregnancy, the doctor should assess the fetus’ size to determine the safety of a vaginal birth. The fetus’ heart and other organs should be monitored for signs of distress, which can be caused by lack of oxygen, blood acidity and a variety of other factors.


Most birth injuries occur due to prenatal malpractice, but delivery decisions can endanger a child’s life. If the baby is positioned abnormally, the doctor’s failure to do a timely C-section can be harmful or fatal. Giving the mother too much pain medicine can keep her body from releasing the right type and amount of hormones to prevent injuries during birth.

How can an Attorney Help in These Cases?

Robert Ramirez Law can help you get compensation for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses. If you or your baby has suffered an injury, call Abogados Phoenix to learn more about your legal rights. Every state has a deadline for bringing a malpractice claim. File yours as soon as possible to maximize your recovery.