Baby Shower The Celebration Of New Life!}

Submitted by: Ryan Mittal

There are those few milestones in life that are, oh so special, and find its way in a very fond place in our hearts. The first pay-check, graduation day, wedding ceremony, buying your first home, are just to name a few. Its these moments, that mark the beginning of a whole new journey and with that a whole new set of emotions and experiences. The discovery of a pregnancy can stir a range of emotions shock, jubilation, or sometimes even fear! But the journey of the 9 months slowly gets most moms, mentally as much as physiologically, ready, excited and eager for whats in store! A baby shower is a celebration with all the mother-to-bes near and dear ones. And a special day it should be of course, it is after all, the celebration of new life!

For those friends or relatives of a soon-to-be mum, who are about to throw a baby shower, but are clueless on how or where to startkeep reading! Here are some important points to keep in mind before you start putting things together.


The most important part of the party is the mommy-to-be. She needs to be at the centre-stage and her happiness is all that counts. We all know that pregnant women can be a hormonal and moody, for no fault of theirs! They can be uneasy or going through a patch of morning sickness (yes, it sometimes lasts till the very end!). So the most important question how is she feeling? Is it the right time to have the party? Usually the best time is considered the seventh month. Thats when all superstitions of celebrations are laid to rest and is usually when she would be feeling her best. Dont leave it till too late! As it might end up being a party along with the new arrival!

2.Guest List

It is very easy to get carried away with the guest list the more the better, right? WRONG! Definitely not for a baby shower! Once again, depending on mommy-to-bes mood, she might want an intimate affair with just 5-6 close friends, or a grand affair as it probably might be the last for a long time!

3.Theme, Deco

Browse online or visit a local party store for baby shower decoration ideas. Choose that would best appeal to the guest of honour.

There are various themes to choose from. Mommy to Bee (think yellow and black, sunflower dcor, honey jar party favors), Ready to Pop ( think popcorn, pop tarts, bubble favors, lots of balloons, pop art, pop music), Little Peanut ( Bag of nuts party favors, peanut butter sandwiches, What should we name our Peanut game).


Baby Shower games usually are the most important part of the party! Its what most people remember! Choose the games fitting for the number of people coming.

For smaller groups choose games where invitees can share intimate and fun memories, or those that bring out predictions on what kind of parents they might be. Get everyone to fill out Baby Wishes & Predictions cards, and get mommy-to-be to read it out loud.

For larger groups, baby shower games work more like an ice-breaker, getting different groups of her friends better acquainted. Guess the bump size, baby bingo, baby items in the bag memory test are games better suited larger parties.

So go ahead, start planning! Remember to have fun while doing so. Make her feel as special as you can. She is about to embark on a whole new journey which changes the course of her life forever!

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