Basement Renovations: Things To Consider Before Starting

By Adriana Noton

One of the best ways to add value to a home is to finish the basement. Many people are living in homes with a downstairs area that is unsightly and unfinished. By doing basic basement renovations homeowners will not only increase the value of their home but they will add a new living space that can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Here are some things people should consider before they begin.

The first thing to think about is how this new space is going to accommodate the lifestyle of the homeowner. People with children may want to build a game room or extra bedroom, while others may want a study or home office. The downstairs area of a home often offers a lot of space that can be filled with things like a pool table or home gym. This is why it is vital to consider how this space is going to be used.

One thing all homeowner should consider is how to keep the downstairs open and spacious. This will leave room for any additional furniture or other items such as a pool table. This can be achieved by trying to minimize any poles or beams that may be cutting the room off. If these cannot be removed then think about possible ways they can be dressed up to look nicer.


Since most people do not want to spend a great deal of time on the upkeep of their new area it is best to keep it low maintenance. This can best be achieved by choosing easy to clean carpets and flooring material and by leaving the space as open as possible so there are not places for dust to hide. There are any number of easy to clean, stain resistant carpets that will minimize the time the homeowner has to spend cleaning up.

There are several ways to keep the project affordable, after all homeowners will be less likely to complete the downstairs area if it is extremely expensive. Homeowners should try to do as much of the work themselves as a way to save money on labor. In addition, inexpensive wall coverings like wood paneling can be a great way to save cash while getting a good look.

Although some things can be done without any help there will almost certainly be things that require the expertise of a professional. Labor costs can get very expensive so it is crucial that homeowners know exactly what they need help with before making the call. Getting multiple quotes and talking to friends and neighbors are the best way to ensure the work is cost effective.

Professionals should also be consulted whenever a homeowner is adding space to their home. This can be quite a dangerous task if the person does not know what they are doing. Plus there could be laws and building codes that need to be followed, so it is best to involve someone who is familiar with these things.

Basement renovations can be a savvy way to increase the value of a home but they can also be tricky and even dangerous. This is why it is vital that homeowners do their homework and prepare before jumping into any major changes. These tips and the help of a professional will make it much easier.

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