Basic Anti Ligature Security Fixtures

By Patricia Holland

Anti-ligature security fixtures are needed in institutions where individuals are likely to attempt harm to self or others. Suicide is a very real threat in mental health care facilities and correctional facilities. In these settings, there is also the temptation for individuals to manufacture homemade weapons out of anything that could be used to cut or strangle another.

Anti-ligature plumbing fixtures proactively minimize this risk in a number of ways. They feature components that cannot be removed from the primary device through normal means. They also feature rounded edges that cannot be sharpened. In some cases as well, they feature breakaway designs that prevent suicide by hanging.

Some of the more popular security fixtures are combination water closet units. They feature a sink on the top and a toilet built into the front of the main fixture. These space saving units are ideal for prison and jail cells where tamper resistance and easy maintenance are high priority. Units are vandal resistant, with anti-ligature seamless welds that keep them from being pried open.

Fixtures are secured behind cell walls so they cannot be pulled from the wall. There are no hooks, rough edges, or bars that can be used for manufacture of weapons or tools of suicide. Water closet combo units are also manufactured without using solder or fillers that would allow components to be removed for weapons manufacture.

Individual anti-ligature security fixtures for washroom are also available. These include urinals, lavatories, cabinet showers, and wall showers.

Stainless steel lavatories are designed for easy plumbing installation in small spaces. These sinks can take up to 5,000 pounds of force without being damaged. It is unlikely that inmates or patients can knock them free from the wall. Lavatories drain fast to prevent deliberate overflow.

Water closet toilet fixtures can also take up to 5,000 pounds of force without permanent damage. Units are designed with flood disabling capability. This prevents patients or inmates from flooding the room by stopping up the toilet bowl. Different configuration options are available in both chase and floor mounted designs.

Urinal security fixtures are designed with immediate blowout flush mechanisms that remove debris immediately. There are no accessible seams, welds, or crevices. Continuous flushing rim washes all four walls. This prevents the buildup of odor causing bacteria. Units can be ordered individually, or they can be linked together to service anywhere from 3 to 8 male inmates or patients at a time.

Cabinet showers are available in both chase and knockdown configuration. Shower heads are vandal resistant, and towel hooks are breakaway designed to prevent suicide by hanging. Water supply and waste water plumbing are factory pre-assembled and completely concealed from patient or inmate access.

Anti-ligature wall shower security fixtures are highly efficient space savers with breakaway towel hooks, built in soap dishes, and vandal resistant shower heads. Multiple low profile valve options are available. Units can be chase or front access in configuration. A simple, rough-in connection makes these showers very easy and cost effective for builders to install.

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