Bathroom Remodeling: Easy Tips For A Successful Bath Makeover

By Yakove Vahava

A bathroom makeover project can either fill your thoughts with nice and gleaming white bath surfaces or maybe something like a half assembled remodeling disaster. As soon as your bathroom remodeling project gets done, your project may just turn out to be a fun task after all. A bathroom makeover is among the most popular home improvement projects. Whether it is the addition of a new bath or remodeling an old one, here are few important tips that you have to keep in mind for you to make the most out of this project.

How far would you want to go for this bathroom makeover?

— The simple surface modifications. On an easy end of the scale, you may prefer the general layout and size of your bath and the structures that support it such as walls, joints and etc. The ultimate mantra of surface level alterations is ‘to cover and not replace’. You can always do a simple tub reglazing or perhaps a wall repainting to give your bath a refreshing new look.

— Changing your bath interior layout. The structural elements are fine, you may want to change the surface alterations and also alter the layout around your bathroom.


— Complete tearing out and remodeling project. At this point, you have already reached the most difficult end of the scale. You want to do all the tasks that were mentioned above but the 50 years of accumulated moist in your bath has already worn out your joists, wall studs and even your bath window is falling out.

Financing your bath remodeling project

Bath renovations can get pretty costly. A total bath makeover would costs around $15K to $18 just for the usual functional remodel. Even though many baths are small, the costs arise from the subcontracting services that you may need (plumbers, electricians) and other expensive items involved (cabinets, fixtures & etc.). One of the most popular ways of financing a bath remodeling project is through a home equity loan. While you are looking at your financing options, it would also be wise to think about how you can save on your bath renovation costs.

Bath Renovations: DIY or hire a professional contractor?

During this point in time, you may have to decide whether you want to do this project yourself or hire a remodeling pro. If you think you are that motivated and your task simply involves the usual surface alterations, then you can always do the project yourself. But remember, not all tasks are created equal. The installation of a new toilet can be simple, but the construction of new tiled shower should only be done by professionals. Take note which projects you can do yourself and the ones that are better left to the skilled hands.

— Permits. Building, electrical and other permits may be needed for this project. Make sure you go apply for one before even the project starts.

— Contractor license. Hire licensed contractors that have the necessary skills for quality workmanship.

Tub and Shower Refinishing, Repair and Replacement

The tub and shower comprise the heart of bath and for many homeowners, these are the reasons for a bathroom remodeling project. If there are cracks, then you can always self repair acrylic/fiberglass tub at an affordable cost. if you think the surfaces are stained and discolored, then a tub refinishing would be helpful.

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