Does Your Dentist Measure Up?

Submitted by: Vincent Melchor

How Does Your Dentist Measure Up?

Have you been wondering how your dental experience measures up to other dentists? Well, I can give you a taste of my dental experiences, for good and bad. Let me tell you, I have had a few dentists in the past who have been real “doozies”! The dentist I go to now is AMAZING! My dentist loves dentistry, teaching dental patients proper oral health care, and giving truly incredible support to all dental patients, whatever services they may need.

If your dentist ranks near the bottom, change NOW!

Here are a few red flags when searching for a dentist. If you’re waiting more than 10 minutes for your dental appointment, it’s a NO GO! If you feel like a number rather than a valued dental patient, it’s a NO GO! If you have dental questions that go unanswered, or feel like your dentist doesn’t give you the support and care you need, it’s a NO GO! Don’t even stick around a dentist or dental office where you don’t feel valued, respected and in competent hands. It’s time to change to an amazing dentist who will make you feel on top of the world. And, yes, there are such dentists who really care about you!


THESE are the qualities of a REMARKABLE dentist…

Some of the “rules” every good dentist should follow:

– Create a warm and inviting dental atmosphere for a good first impression. A friendly dental staff who can answer all questions by dental patients is a MUST!

– Treat your dental patients like FAMILY! Everyone wants to go to a dentist who is compassionate, respectful and skilled. Show dental patients that you care about them and that their overall oral health is your TOP concern.

– Always keep your dental skills and services up-to-date with cutting edge dentistry. Dental patients want the advantage of new dental technology on their side.

– Provide a wide variety of dental services to take care of ALL dental needs. Whether a dental patient is coming in for a regular dental exam, or surgery, they want a dentist who has outstanding dental skills all-around.

Where are all the GREAT dentists hiding?

Its easier than you think to find a great dentist with outstanding dental skills. I know my dentist in Payson is FANTASTIC! To find a great dentist just google “dentist in Payson (or your city),” “dentist in Payson Ut,” “best dentists,” “best dentistry,” or “best dental services.” Once you find a dental office that interests you, call the dental office. Browse through reviews of the dental office to see if dental patients RAVE about their dentist. If they do, there’s a good chance you’ve found your new dentist.

EVERYONE deserves a great dental experience!

Dental exams, dental surgery, oral health check-ups, teeth whitening – these are all part of your dental experience. Make it a great one by finding your AMAZING dentist TODAY!

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