Exhibit Rentals Can Be Creative And Cost Effective

By Mark Delacruz

If you are thinking of taking part in a trade fair, start thinking about trade show exhibits as well. You see, just putting up a booth at any trade fair is not enough; you will also have to attract the attention of the attendees. Only then your sales team will be able to do their job. These exhibits, which either consist of some type of wall surface embossed with graphic images or a Velcro compatible fabric surface on which a wide variety of graphic images can be attached, can help you to do just that. Therefore, they are as much as an important part of the show as your products are.

Know that, trade shows generally take place in specific cities at a fixed time every year. If you plan to take part in them on regular basis or even occasionally you should identify a good trade show booth rental company of that area. Although most companies offer standard items, there will always be some black sheep, who will offer substandard products. By using their products, you will do yourself more harm than good and so you must always steer clear of them.

You need not fear that rented exhibits will be below standard, and will undermine your companys image. That is a very wrong idea. Indeed, there are some rentals, which offer shoddy merchandise, but there are also some, which will offer high quality materials at a very competitive rate. What is more, other than displays, they also offer everything that you may need in your booth and that includes:


Tables Counters Table throws Table top displays Pop up displays Portable exhibits Banner stand Pedestals Back lighting Modular Exhibits

Always remember that, it is not only the displays, but a good company should be able to offer every item that you may need to make your booth functional. However, one may wonder why anyone should want to rent; especially when one intends to take part in the trade shows regularly. The answer is simple; trade shows does not take place round the year and what is more, one does not take part in each of them. In such a case, it is far economical to rent the items than to buy them.

Owning your own exhibits may seem cheaper for those who take part in trade shows regularly, but they also require regular repair and up gradation; or else they will soon look shabby and worn out, which you must understand, will do more harm than good. What is more, using the same displays or putting up the same kind of faade each time take you part in a trade show, may not really do your reputation much good. It must change with change of location as well as on the profile of your target customer.

If you have diverse products, at some shows you may want to focus on the middle-aged crowd while at another you may want to target young executives. Using a booth rental company gives you the option of having elegant or contemporary displays depending on the target customer. Those who participate in international shows may also prefer to use a rental company in that country. This will reduce shipping costs and is both logistically and financially feasible. Those who face time constraints should opt for a booth rental company.

Many companies overlook this important factor, but if you consult the more established exhibit rentals, you will realize how your dcor affects the footfall at your booth. Indeed, the dcor of your booth should change with the change of venues as well as the product you are trying to highlight. For example if your product is meant for high end customers, you should go for high quality trade show exhibits. Contrarily, if it is meant for more middle level customers, too suave a dcor may drive them away. Similarly, if you expect your customers to be senior citizens, the dcor should be different from one meant from young executives

Transportation is also a big issue. If you own the exhibits, you will naturally have to bear the cost of transportation to and from the fair venue. Moreover, you will have to bear the installation and dismantling charges as well. However, if you opt for renting, the renting company will take care of all these. Therefore it stands that renting is far better option for most of companies. At the same time, I must add that, if you want to make a mark, along with renting the basic displays, you must also have your own banners or other specific items. Do not worry, if you have chosen the rental agency carefully, they will guide you even there.

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