Home Bee Removal Remedies In El Cajon

byAlma Abell

First, make sure you are prepared. Understand that you are not dealing with flies or harmless insects but insects that produce hurtful stings. Also make sure you are dealing with bees and not wasps. Wasps look like bees but they are larger and require different removal techniques. Not to mention, their stings hurt more. Find out just where the beehive is located. You need to focus on the exact spot in order to kill the bees and remove the source. Before you go out and try and remove the bees, be sure you are properly dressed. Wear long sleeve shirts, pants, work gloves, and a mask to cover your face. You can also purchase a bee or insect repellent to spray on your clothes to reduce the chances of being stung.

Dealing with a bunch of swarming bees is never a good experience. Not only is this a big problem, it can be a health hazard because your chances of being stung by one increases. This is especially a problem if you have young children, an elderly person, or someone who is allergic to bees living in your home. There are a number of Bee Removal in El Cajon remedies you can do to free you, your family, and your house of bees. You can do it yourself or contact a Bee Removal in El Cajon company that will come out to your house and exterminate your house.

Set up a bee trap. This is your best bet in removing these pesty creatures. With a two liter pop bottle, cut the top off of it. Place the cone inside the bottom of the soda bottle, and staple it to the bottom. Place something sweet inside of the cone. The bees will congregate inside of the bottle to get to the sugar but will be trapped inside of the bottle. Boric acid is another great method in getting rid of the bees. You can find this chemical at your local grocery or home improvement store. Again, you will need to know exactly where the beehive is located. Pour some of the boric acid into the beehive while the bees are there. In a few days, they will die. For more information on how to remove bees,