Media Relations As A Promotional Tool}

Media relations as a promotional tool


Jane Herbert

Commercial success or failure can rest on the way a company is perceived. Effective media relations will increase the bottom line by helping to generate direct sales. It will also add validity to a company and its services and help improve brand positioning. But when is the best time to use it? And how can you ensure you get the most out of your campaign?

PR is a way of building a company’s profile and nurturing a good corporate reputation. PR deals with all aspects of a brand/organisations reputation; media relations (i.e. getting media coverage) is one – albeit a very powerful one – tactic that is used to promote, nurture and protect a positive corporate reputation.

If you are not a big name, it can be very difficult to persuade people to use your products. Even if you have a recognisable brand, you need to maintain a high profile so customers dont forget you. PR agencies work with journalists to ensure a brand receives exposure in the media. Whether you are looking to create a buzz around the launch of a new venture, or aiming to grow an established company, the media can play an important role.

Launching a new product/business

Media relations will generate a buzz around a launch. News stories and features will inform potential customers about a company’s products and services. A creative campaign will also generate excitement and create demand.

A media relations campaign needs to be strategic and in line with your business development requirements. To promote a launch you need more than just a press release. You need to meet journalists needs by offering them interesting and useful materials like case studies, features and high quality images. You also need a comprehensive strategy. This takes time. It is important that you begin planning the media campaign months before the launch.

Attracting new business or investment

Media relations will help your company grow. Press coverage can attract new customers or encourage investment. Look for a campaign that targets the sections of the press that potential clients read. If you are a company seeking investment, target the business pages of the nationals and the investment trade magazines and websites.

Ongoing campaigns

Your company is not going to have something to announce every week. But you can still get coverage because media relations should not be restricted to just company news. This is why it is essential to work with a creative agency. More than 60% of national newspaper journalism is driven by in-house or agency PR people; journalists are always looking for content and the right approach will achieve consistent results.

Written by Jane Herbert.Jane has nearly 20 years experience in public relations and is managing director of PR agency Pilotmax

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Media relations as a promotional tool