Online Bootleg Movie Downloads: Why You Should Use Caution

Submitted by: Matthew Soucie

Have you ever thought about what you are actually getting when you watch online bootleg movie downloads? Sure you are getting a movie but what else comes with it. Nearly all free bootleg movie sites that host 100 percent free movies have hidden extras that you don’t even know about. These extra goodies are not something you want either. Some items may harm your computer, steal your personal information, and maybe even make you liable for copyright infringement.

1. Adware. This is most commonly installed on your computer when visiting sites that host free downloads. It is actually a software that is installed on your computer without your consent which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to your computer. Maybe you have noticed this with more pop ups than usual coming up while your are on the internet. The only problem that this type of software can cause is slower computer performance. If you download a lot of online bootleg movie downloads though, it may be a problem you are concerned with because it will lengthen the time it takes to download files.

2. Spyware. This is still fairly common but this type of software poses a much more serious risk to you. This is a software that is installed and used to take over your computer. Spyware collects various types of information from your personal computer. It can keep track of sites you visit, keystrokes, and much more. It can also change personal computer settings install software without your consent and even collect your personal information such as any banking or anything else you do online. A lot of identity theft happens this way. One good indicator of spyware is how slow it can make your computer. Depending on how much information it is collecting, will depend on how slow your computer is.


3. Viruses. We all know what a virus is and just like everything else you can get them from downloading free movies. Without going into too much detail, a virus can and will destroy your computer. Usually the only real fix is to reinstall the operating system and start over back at day one. You will end up losing everything on your computer including files and pictures.

4. Copyright Infringement. Using spyware, these sites can collect information such as ip addresses and more that can and will prove that you downloaded online bootleg movie downloads illegally. It would be an unfortunate thing if one of these free sites that you use get busted by the FBI and end up giving the FBI a list of ip addresses, which included yours, that downloaded free bootleg movies from them for a lesser charge.

Keep in mind that there are legal and safe alternatives to sites that offer free online bootleg movie downloads. Using a trusted authority site which reviews movie download web sites is the best way to find the legitimate downloads that pose no harm to you or your computer. Free movie downloads are very tempting and can save you a bunch of money but if you just use any random sites on the web, you might be risking more than what it’s worth.

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