Reasons Your Vehicle Insurance Went Up

By Adriana J. Noton

Sometimes, when it comes time to renew your vehicle insurance, you’ll find that your premiums are higher than they were before. Vehicle insurance is a touchy and often complex kind of service that is influenced by many different factors. By changing just one or two of the right elements, you can end up paying more than you were, and more than you’re willing to pay. It’s a good idea to stay on top of your vehicle insurance and the rates you’re paying, especially when a new term has started. If you find that your rates have gone up for any reason, you can deal, you can deal with it in the appropriate fashion.

One reason your vehicle insurance may have gone up is because certain discounts you were getting are no longer valid. When you sign on and get your first car insurance quotes, you may have been given various discounts for age or driving record or some other reason. If those discounts have changed, or your situation has changed so you’re no longer entitled, the price of your insurance will rise. It’s a good idea to ask how long your discounts will apply for when you first get your vehicle insurance, so you’ll know what to expect later.


If you’ve had any accident claims or driving violations since your last renewal that may be another reason your rates have gone up. Your driving record and claims history is a factor when you first get car insurance quotes, and it’s a factor that can make your vehicle insurance go up along the way. Driving within the law and using caution to avoid accidents and insurance claims is always a good idea. Getting a new vehicle or an additional is another reason your vehicle insurance might go up. Obviously, it’s going to cost more to insure two vehicles over one, but even if you still have one but it’s a different one, your rates may go up.

A new car will likely be worth more than your old one, which will cause rates to rise. It also may have fewer safety features or anti-theft devices that help lower your vehicle insurance in the first place. If you move or change jobs, you may notice a change in your vehicle insurance. Certain geographic areas are statistically safer than others, and if you mover to one with a higher crime or accident rate, you’re probably going to pay for it with higher vehicle insurance. If you switch to a job that requires substantially more driving, your likelihood of an accident increases and so will you vehicle insurance.

If you feel that your vehicle insurance rates have gone up too abruptly or too much for reasons you don’t agree with, feel free to shop around for something better. You may pay a little penalty if you cancel your vehicle insurance, but if the company has turned out to be undependable, it’s probably for the best. Look around for new car insurance quotes or look for an online auto insurance quote to change your situation around.

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