The Impact Of The Normans On America

The Influence and Significance of Norman America

Norman America, a term less often heard, plays an instrumental role in shaping the cultural, political, and social fabric of contemporary America, despite the timeline set nearly a millennium back. To fully grasp the significance of ‘Norman America’, one must travel back to the historical timeline where the Normans, originally of Viking origin, from the northern regions of France conquered England in the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Fast forward a few centuries; the Norman influence began to show in the colonial America, especially in architecture. Spanning the northeast coast from Georgia to Maine, ‘Norman Revival’ style became prominent in American architecture, introducing unique styles that reflect the grandeur and simplicity of Norman architecture.

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The influence of Norman architecture is visible even today, and an excellent specimen of this can be found in our contemporary bedheads Sydney. These bedheads, often featured in Georgian and Victorian homes, embody aesthetic essence influenced from the Norman craft. Specifically, elements such as the iconic chevron patterns, diamond motifs, and the use of robust materials, which were trademarks of Norman architecture, have been intricately incorporated in crafting of these bedheads.

However, Norman’s influence on American culture extends not just within architectural aesthetics but also in our language. English, as spoken today, has deep roots in Old Norse and Norman French. This fusion has resulted in more nuanced expressions and a richer vocabulary.

The importance of Normans is also emphasized as they were the frontiersmen of the feudal system – a system that, although highly criticized, laid the foundations of the modern governance system. The lords, vassals, knights arrangement meant that the society was neatly arranged in hierarchical order. This feudal background laid the foundation of the organised hierarchical government system we see today in America.

Norman America‘s significance is also seen in the formation of early American laws. Upon their conquest of England, the Normans imposed their legal system, which melded with Anglo-Saxon law, forming the basis of Common Law. This system provided a blueprint for many legal principles in America, such as trial by jury and the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. In essence, the Normans have had a profound and lasting impact on American legal systems.

In conclusion, ‘Norman America’ illustrates the indelible impact of the Normans on shaping American law, government systems, language, architecture, and social structure. Standing testament to this influence today, structures such as the bedheads Sydney reflect the enduring legacy of the Normans in America. The term ‘Norman America’ thus holds importance not only historical significance but is a testament to the Normans’ continuing influence in our contemporary world.