The Perfect Table Top Pads: No More Ugly Scratches On Dining Room And Kitchen Tables

Table Top Pads are the ultimate protection for your tables and a stylish way to protect your table. Table Pads are a unique combination of utility and style. Table Pad Factory is one of the largest table pad companies that manufactures custom made table pads that have some features that you may have never seen before.

Like a trusted aide, you can rely on these Table Pads to keep your parties and family get-togethers as stress-free as possible. No more do you need to fear of those ugly scratches that are left behind on the table tops after every dinner or party. Custom-made Table Pads make scratches a history, leaving only sweet memories of fun times behind.

Your prized possessions are best protected by this unique variety of Protective Table Pads. And, the utility factor associated with products of the Table Pad Company is quite varied. You can now rest easy. Table Pads will provide the perfect scratch defense for your dinner table, kitchen table, conference table, buffet server, coffee and end tables.


Not just scratch-proof, these Table Top Pads make different sorts of tables in your house immune to other troubles like heat, stains, spills, chills, burns, dents and even water marks.

Here is just a tiny sample of the wide variety of Table Pads that the company has developed to suit all types of necessities that any home or office can offer: coffee table pads, conference room table pads A/V equipment table pads, desk table pads, piano and pool table pads, buffet server table pads, kitchen table pads. And, the list goes on. Table Pad Covers are truly the one solution to all your requirements for table tops in your house.

The style and quality of our table top protection products are high in these Table Top Pads which are available in varied colors, textures and designs to suit the décor and furniture of any home or office. Wood grains, leather tone surfaces, solids are just a few of the choices that Table Pads offer.

Custom Table Pads are injected with some other pleasing and utility features too like the Table Pads are lightweight since these are made of a solid fiberboard core. This facet makes this unique brand of Table Pads immune to humidity. And, these do not collapse in a heap if you chose to keep them upright to save space and maximize storage capacity.

Table Pad Covers are custom-made to delight. These Custom Table Pads are made in sizes that would suit with élan tables of all sizes and shapes. And, the in-built, concealed magnetic locking system of the Table Pads makes these easy to use without any danger of scratching the smooth, shiny surface of the tables.

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Table Pads Custom is a Table pad company who manufactures Table pads for dining room tables, buffet servers and kitchen tables. Author: Chuck Hardy