Tips And Tricks: Lawn Care And Maintenance Mt Airy Md

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Does the grass seem greener on the other side? Either that’s lawn envy, or you haven’t been taking good care of your own lawn.

Producing and maintaining that lush, healthy, dark green carpet of grass fronting your home is both the bane and dream of many lawn owners. While some seems to succeed at it without putting too much effort, others fail miserably even after spending loads of money on maintenance and supplies. Perhaps the heart is good, but the skills aren’t. Are you taking care of your lawn the proper way?

Check out some of these Lawn Care and Maintenance Mt Airy MD tips and tricks that can make your side of the fence as green as the other side.

Choose the Right Kind of Grass

Different kinds of grass require different levels of care, nutrition and season. Many people seem to forget that even though grass grows just about anywhere, it needs the right kind of soil and weather for it to flourish. Choosing the right kind of grass to plant according to the turning of the seasons will ensure you that your lawn will be greener than those whose owners simply took the first bag of grass seeds or sods he or she saw at the market.


As a general rule, Fescues and Bluegrass tend to do better during the cooler seasons, while Bermuda and St. Augustine flourish under the warmer sunshine.

Fertilize According to Grass Type

Nitrogen is like a bodybuilder’s protein shake for plants like grass, but different types require different levels of fertilization. Moreover, nutrients in the soil could also affect the fertilization of your lawn, depending on how rich or lacking it is when it comes to nutrients.

It’s also best to fertilize early during the planting stage as prevention rather than fertilizing when the grass is beginning to wilt or dry out. Fertilizing a dried-out lawn is pointless and wasteful.

Fertilize Depending on the Type of Fertilizer

Most fertilizers will require that the grass be watered before and after applying fertilizer, unless the type of fertilizer you’re using is the granular kind, which works best when done in the opposite manner. Granular types should be used on dry grass and then watered afterwards.

You should also fertilize your lawn when it’s cold, or, if being hot can’t be helped (for example, during the summer), wait for it to get a bit dark, when it isn’t very warm.

Who You Gonna Call? Lawn Care and Maintenance Mt Airy MD

When all else fails, get help from professionals, especially if you can’t bear the thought of your front carpet wilting, or you simply don’t have the time, money and effort to spend on resodding your lawn. There are many local landscape designers, gardeners and lawn specialists in Mt. Airy that you won’t have any trouble finding one to help you.

Getting Green Comes From the Heart

In the end, making sure your grass maintains greener than those from the other side will take more than a simple mow every month and an automatic sprinkler system. Care, effort and a little bit of extra attention is needed to keep your green carpet lush, healthy and worthy of green-eyed monsters around the neighborhood.

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