Tips For Idx Optimization


Are you looking for IDX optimization tips? Here are some helpful ideas to maximize your success with your IDX site so that you can get traffic, get referrals, and attract success with it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO includes ensuring that your site is optimized for the right words and phrases related to your demographic, your geographical area, and your target audience. Keyword research as well as competitive analysis is going to be a big help in this area.

Social Media

Social media can be an excellent way to optimize your IDX site for maximum visibility. Link to it from social networking sites to drive traffic in. A good example would be a Twitter account, via paid Facebook advertising, via online classified sites, and so forth.


Linking to your IDX site is very helpful. Linking to it from blogs, from email signatures, from online directories, from directory articles and / or press releases as well as online video sites and social networking sites will all help you drive traffic and organic search engine results your way. A good off-page SEO strategy that consists of linking to your site from valuable industry websites could be extremely helpful.

Online Advertising

Consider an advertising campaign that will drive targeted traffic to your site, too. It could include pay per click advertising on Google and other search engines but could also include high-traffic real estate industry websites as well as social networking sites, too.

Don’t forget that offline advertising can help, too. Add your site to business cards, to print advertising campaigns, and advertise locally, too.

Ensure Your Site Provides a Good Customer Experience

Integrating additional elements into your IDX for optimization would include ensuring it provides a great user experience. Are there tools that visitors can use (mortgage calculators, as an example), are there helpful resources such as links to financial and real estate contacts? Are there opportunities for the visitor to opt in and / or fill out a form to be contacted? Consider all of this when working on IDX optimization, too.

A good marketing plan will help you ensure that your real estate site gets good results. Get some expert advice, too, as experts in IDX optimization can help you from start to finish with creating a site that’s set up for success.