Using Hammocks For Toy Storage

Submitted by: Ann Marier

For all of the parents across the country, it is well known that keeping the kids room clean and picked up is a full time job in itself. Sometimes it may seem like training the family pet is easier than teaching the little ones how to pick up after themselves.

One great idea for kid s rooms is putting up hammocks for toy storage. Run a hammock across a wall in the kid s room and make a game out of putting toys away. The kids can see all of the toys through the mesh and don t have to dump everything out to play with something.

Using hammocks for toy storage means that the kids can even toss the toys into the hammock. It becomes a game instead of work because kids will throw there toys without the say of parents.

When the parent says to throw all of the toys into the hammock, they might not believe what they heard. As long as the parent allows the kids to do it in their own way it will be a fun activity for them. It gets the toys up off of the floor and makes the room be able to be walked through.


This is only one step in keeping kids rooms picked up but it will work up to the point when they become teenagers and know more than their parents.

Some Things To Watch For

Using hammocks for toy storage is a great idea but with young children it might not be a good idea because there are dangers. The straps of the hammock can possibly get wrapped up around a small child and cause a risk of choking.

If the parent isn t watching the kids at the time it happens, it could seriously injure or kill a small child. Also, using hammocks for toy storage can be dangerous because some toys should never be thrown and if a toy hits a sibling or friend, it could cause an injury.

One other thing that can happen while using hammocks for toy storage is that the wall behind the hammock can get beat up and maybe even break the drywall which will then need to be repaired.

Finally, having hammocks for toy storage can be an easy way to keep the room clean without having to constantly fight with the kids, but should only be put into rooms that can be closely monitored in order to keep the kids safe and without major injuries.

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