Source Link Hosting Is Perfect For Quick Books

SourceLink Hosting is Perfect for QuickBooks



Hosting of SourceLink add-on software is almost perfect document management solution for the users of QuickBooks financial application. SourceLink add-on program is the prime document management solution available in the QuickBooks add-ons market for the users of QuickBooks software. SourceLink add-on is available in different editions, such as, SourceLink add-on software Plus edition, SourceLink add-on software Standard edition, and SourceLink add-on software Management edition. SourceLink Plus edition is the basic one. SourceLink Management edition has all of the document management features of other versions in addition to its own powerful features. SourceLink Management edition is the top one. This advanced edition monitors, controls, and secures QuickBooks accounting application s usage.

Sourcelink Hosting Service Provider Offers Multitude of Advantages To The Users

SourceLink document management solution hosting adds many document management functions to the QuickBooks accounting software. SourceLink hosting service provider offers multitude of advantages to its vital customers. Users get the benefits of twenty four by seven unlimited support service. Some of the other ones are given here below

Application Hosting on Cloud Provisions Extreme Security To The Users


A cloud computing service provider provisions extreme security to users. A cloud computing service provider that hosts SourceLink add-on software on cloud takes full care of data of its customers. A SourceLink hosting service provider ensures the protection of users critical data and files in a fully well protected environment. Data center facilities provided by an application or software hosting service provider are located in a natural calamity free zone. These data center facilities are protected through very thick wire fencing and all other sorts of advanced security measures. Very high tech biometric security scanners are deployed by a cloud hosting service provider to ensure that only authorized people like data center facility s staff get access to the software host s data center area. Round the clock fully guarded security is also a very important benefit of availing hosting services. Security for customers business vital data also includes one twenty eight bit data encryption technology, highly sensitive malware detector software, potentially unwanted programs (or PUP) detector software, anti-adware program or software, and antivirus software program with very high virus and threat detecting power. Another software program called threat pattern recognition or detection program is also deployed by an efficient cloud computing or cloud hosting service provider.

Users Get the Benefits of Robust Data Backup

Users of hosted software program get the benefits of robust and rolling data backup technology. User critical data is stored at a highly safe place and in a highly redundant manner. An application host or cloud host offers rolling data backup for every thirty days.

Cloud Hosting Technology Offers Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility to the Users

An application hosting and cloud computing service provider which delivers hosted SourceLink over the cloud offers real time access via Internet from any place on this planet and at any time whether day or night.

SourceLink Host Offers Concurrently Accessibility to the Multiple Users For Hosted Software

With hosting technology, multiple users get fully secure and concurrent accessibility to the hosted SourceLink document management solution irrespective of their locations. An Internet connected device and a web browser program like Firefox is required by the end user in order to access the cloud hosted software and the hosted data.

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