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A car with automatic transmission was first developed in the 1940s; the popularity of the automatic gear box has risen greatly from the 50s. They have become hugely successful in the United States and other parts of the world, but in Europe the old fashioned manual transmission still reins supreme with car customers. Having a car with an automatic transmission system means that there is no clutch pedal and there is no need to worry about gear changing as the automatic gear box does all the hard work for you. Its an argument of preference between purchasing a car with an automatic or a manual gear box. Some advantages of both over the other are highlighted below.

Advantages of Automatic


Automatic cars are much easier to get used to, especially if you are a new, elderly or learner driver. Some people prefer them because there is no need to worry about which gear to select or the actual manual gear changing itself, the clever automatic transmission does it all for you, this is especially advantageous when driving through traffic or busy towns and cities as you dont have to worry about constantly changing gears as you would with a manual transmission. Learner drivers are allowed to learn and take their test in an automatic car which could turn out easier to pass, however if you do pass using an automatic car it will be on your licence and you will not be allowed under law to drive a manual transmission car.

Advantages of Manual

The biggest benefit of using a car with manual transmission is you have a greater control over gear selection; gears can be selected and changed in accordance to the persons judgment and the situation in hand. There are also greater financial benefits if you own a manual transmission car, it is a well known fact that cars with an automatic gear box will use more fuel per journey over the same car in its class with a manual submission, which could be down to many facts such as automatic cars are usually heavier. Manual cars are not only cheaper to run but they are also cheaper to maintain, if something goes wrong with the transmission on an automatic car it can become very expensive indeed to fix. If your battery or something else related where you will need to bump start the car, this is very easy to do with a manual car as you put it in gear, roll down the hill and bump it, with an automatic car however you cant really do this so you will have to call for road side assistance instead. Manual transmission cars are also slightly cheaper to purchase in the first place compared to cars with an automatic transmission.

Technological advances in the car industry has enabled the gap between cars with automatic and manual submissions to shorten, as a result more and more people are investing their money in an automatic car as their next new automobile. For some people who are unsure, there are semi-automatic cars on the market which have an automatic transmission system but also they will usually feature an override button so you can switch to manual transmission using the gear stick.

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